Hello all, I am Kaylyn.

I like to take photos and make art. I love West Virginia and my family. I totally enjoy road trips, exploring new-to-me places, live music, & antique shops.

Life is fast paced. You know it. Most days it takes all a person has in them just to get through the day to day motions. My approach to my photography style allows me escape that rush by slowing down long enough to capture a moment of fleeting light, or a milestone in your child and/or family's life, that much like the state of everyday life, can changes in a split second, it seems.

I want to document that split second. That light coming through the window, or illuminating that flower in the garden. YOUR split second. Your child as they grow (oh so quickly), your beautiful family, your event you planned so long for.

My general admiration of time, nature, love, light & shadow, is my ultimate goal for you to see in my photographs, both artistic snap shots, & portraiture.

Captured by dear talented friend Allison Sullivan

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